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JustHive was created to provide an alternative to the vain, meaningless, and psychologically exhausting experience of social media platforms. We do this through what we call MicroForums. We've transformed the status quo of uninspired, outdated forums by creating a simple, easy-to-use platform focused on meaningful content creation and community interaction. We're providing users with an unprecedented opportunity -- endless possibilities to engage and interact in positive and meaningful ways. The Micro-Forum experience inspires users to participate in back-and-forth communication with others based on shared interests and commonalities, strengthening already established relationships and providing opportunities to form new ones with like-minded people across the globe.

Total SupplyCountry
Start dateEnd date
10 Apr 201830 Oct 2018

Number of Team Members: 8

Bounty programs: No

Website: https://company.justhive.com/index.html#home

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